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From Pit Viper cabin upgrades to Bullseye pilot bits, we have the parts you need
to keep your employees safe & your equipment working.

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Genuine parts and services give you operational confidence

To ensure the safety of your work site, you need to service your machinery with genuine parts. By avoiding the use of 'grey market' parts, you can guarantee that your Atlas Copco machinery will be online and operational each and every day.

  • Better LongevityUsing genuine parts, lubricants and servicing on your equipment mean less wear and tear, and less chance of major breakdowns. This ensures your equipment will last longer too, increasing your ROI.
  • Increased OutputWhen your equipment can perform for longer service intervals, run cooler, smoother and more efficiently, you’re increasing your production capacity.
  • Lower Overall CostWith higher reliability, reduced severity of failure, and longer service intervals, using genuine Atlas Copco parts and lubricants will save you more in the long run.
  • Extended WarrantyUsing genuine parts, lubricants and servicing can also extend your warranty benefits too, protecting your investment for the full term of your cover, while ensuring you get the best operational value.
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We’ve got the parts, lubricants, and expertise
to support every one of your Atlas Copco

Regardless of whether you’re excavating rock, or drilling charge holes deep underground in a mining application, we’ve
got everything you need, including:

  • Custom Engineered Solutions
  • Fluid Management Solutions
  • Midlife Services
  • Reman Services
  • Replacement Parts and Kits
  • Service Agreements and Audits
  • Service Tools
  • Telematics
  • Training Products
  • Upgrades

Plus, our worldwide team of service and technical support experts can help to ensure
your equipment is serviced to specification too.

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What our satisfied customers think of
Atlas Copco

We want to be innovative and we want to work with people who are innovative. That’s important to us. It’s about innovation that works. The SmartROC drill has been incredible piece of technology to put out there to our clients.

Brendan Vaughan, Mining Manager

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